Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Women from Ukraine - Tips for Dating

If you want to meet women from Ukraine to date or possibly even marry, you're not alone. Thousands of guys have had the same idea, and they've gone to Ukraine, met sexy girls, and are now in fulfilling relationships.

How can you do the same? Here are some tips on how to find the right Ukrainian woman for you.

First of all, if you aren't fluent in Russian or Ukrainian, you might start your search online.

There are several Internet-based agencies to help you find a girlfriend. Start your search at Women from Ukraine, where you can see photos of blonds, brunettes, and ladies of all ages. Soon, you'll also be able to search for a possible match by shared interests, like travel, dancing, yoga, the outdoors, and so on.

On that site, you'll also be able to click through to see information on the single women like what their zodiac sign is, when is their birthday, and more detailed personal information. What they want in a relationship, the kind of person they're looking for and so on.

This is a great website to start your search for a girlfriend from Ukraine. From there, you can find a site where you can chat with the ladies online, see any video introductions they may have recorded, even send them gifts or call through a translator.

Another example of a website that offers these kinds of matchmaking services is Women from the Ukraine.

Don't spread your affections out too thin. Corresponding with a woman from Ukraine can be expensive through an online introductions service.

The sooner you can get over to Ukraine to meet women - either from a service, or ones you meet while shopping, on the sidewalk, at the park, or in a cafe - the better.

One way to do that is to go on a Ukraine romance tour. If you don't want to travel to Ukraine alone, this is certainly one way to do it. You'll travel with other guys who want to find Ukrainian brides, fiancees, girlfriends, and so forth. And you'll meet hundreds of ladies in several social gatherings, have the opportunity to get to know your favorites better either one-on-one or with a translator. These can be a lot of fun. They're also expensive.

Which brings me to my next point - how to make a good impression on single Ukrainian women.

You'll find that hot, sexy girls in Kiev, Odessa, and other places tend to look past physical appearances more than you'd expect. But they do expect you to keep up your appearance.

"Casual" in Ukraine isn't as casual as you might be used to. Wear nice (but comfortable) shoes, and keep them shined. Wear slacks and a button-up shirt. Comb your hair. Keep your nails short. Bathe. Shave. Etc.

This will give you a huge lead over most guys, both Ukrainian and foreign.

Learn some Ukrainian or Russian. There are some great online programs available, or buy some CDs or DVDs. Ukrainian women will find it sexy if you speak to them in English. But unless you fall for a lady who's fluent, you're going to have a tough time communicating in the long run.

You won't find many women who are ready to pack up and leave their country, so if you can spend some time there, it's a good idea. If you can work from Ukraine - or you're at a place in life where you don't need to work, you're in a perfect position. Then maybe you could spend your year split between two countries.

Most ladies won't want to marry or date a broke American any more than they would want to date a broke Ukrainian guy. So if you're not at least financially comfortable, don't waste your time. Being a more family-oriented country where gender roles are more traditional, you're going to have to be able to afford her.

In return, women from Ukraine definitely know how to keep their boyfriends and husbands well cared for!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Anastasia Affiliate Program: How to Make Money Online in the Dating Niche

Anastasia International  is the leading marriage service for single guys from the U.S. and Canada, Great Britain, and other countries. With many services to meet women from Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, and other CIS states, as well as Asian brides, African women, and Latin women. Profits can be rewarding, and the program gives juicy second tier commissions as well. This article will tell you the top ways to get dating website traffic and earn payouts with Anastasia.

Want to earn commissions as an affiliate in this rewarding dating niche?

Online dating has entered the mainstream and is a very acceptable route for people to get together.

As a dating affiliate, you can make money from these relationships. When visitors sign up for a relationship website by a referral link placed on your site or blog, you could earn a profit.

A few programs offer a flat commission on free memberships (pay per lead). Others give you a portion of any upgrades a member you referred makes. Yet others will send you a payment whenever a referred person makes their first purchase.

Anastasia's affiliate program offers all three. You may earn $5 for every member you refer, up to $125 for each purchase, or as much as $250 for the first transaction.

What payment you select relies on your strategy. The CPA option pays more up front, but if the visitors you refer remain as paying members on Anastasia's sites, you could make much more profit with the pay per order in the future. The pay for the first purchase program could be a profitable middle choice.

One great thing about the Anastasia affiliate programme is that you can earn ten percent profits on the sales of any webmasters you refer to the program. This profit comes out of Anastasia's earnings, not the webmaster's. However the second-level affiliate program is not available for webmasters who join the $5 pay per lead option. So my advice is, it's preferable to select for one of the other two choices.

You can find out more by looking at the post, Anastasia Affiliate -  Making Money with the Dating Niche.

By far the easiest route is to create a branded site that Anastasia Affiliate provides you . My advice is to register a redirected domain name rather than market a subdomain on their site. You will rank higher in the search engines that way. And should you choose to quit participating in Anastasia's dating websites, you'll still have your domain, links, and traffic you've built up to repurpose it.

One nice thing about the Anastasia affiliate program is this: there are so many subniches you can promote that aren't overcrowded by competitors. So you can make galleries on the white label affiliate dating website that cater to a specific niche. The provided dating website comes with galleries already provided. To make the best of your site, rewrite all the text so you will show unique content that targets your niche keywords. Do the same with your galleries. You don't want to have exactly the same site as every other Anastasia affiliate!

See an example of a Women from the Ukraine site running on the Anastasia affiliate platform.

About thirty minutes is all it requires to set this up.

When your site is up, the biggest challenge will be delivering traffic to it. With no traffic, there is no money!

Here are some strategies to get free dating niche traffic.

Write blog posts. You can register a second domain and install Word press software. There are also many free sites like Squidoo{| where you can promote. Write in as many sites as you can find, write unique content for each, and you'll begin building backlinks and traffic to your Anastasia  site. Additionally, you could also set up autoblogs with links to your dating affiliate site.

Write reviews and upload them to article directories with dating and relationship sections. Again, make every article unique so it gets a nice shot at showing up in Google.

Make videos and post them on YouTube and other sites. A quick method to do this is to create slide shows of profile photos. For sound, you would simply read an article out loud and record it.

Other sources for free niche dating visitors are blog commenting, MySpace pages, dating banner exchanges, and forum posting. There are almost limitless free sources and methods for bringing visitors to your site.

Follow these dating affiliate tips, and you may be making as much as  thousands of dollars every month from the Anastasia affiliate program, and with very little investment!